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will never buy from anybody else, no questions asked spent 200m with Alex and there was no hesitation, constant communication, and even with him having my details I was never worried. will be buying again in future.


Sold me 600m, very patient as first time  using btc. Will be back for more soon

Ben Wills

Very trusted have sold and bought over $10,000 of accounts and osrs GP and has helped me sell stuff with no bans! Very Trusted! Very Trusted!

Zach Henshaw

Many thanks to Alex, you’re an absolute champ. Appreciate how easy dealing with you has been, even with the time zone differences. Wouldn’t recommend him enough ++


Sold me 2.1B 07 Quick and Easy! Wonderful Trader to work with definitely recommend!


Vouch sold me 1300m+ osrs thanks


Big vouch for boss man @Sound Man sold me ~ 4b 07 for btc, quick and easy. Cheers again


Big vouch sold me 1.4b+ 07 for btc, pleasure as always!


Sold me 1400m+ 07 for BTC! Very nice guy to deal with, thanks man.


Vouch, I sold him a name for 1,350M 07 and went first. Great smooth trade. I would highly recommend trading with Alexandre!


vouch sold me 590m osrs tyvm


sold me 800m via btc

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